Direct Metal Printing or DMP


Quickly and accurately manufacture complex metal parts.

Direct Metal Printing (DMP), also commonly known as Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS), is an additive manufacturing technology that builds high quality complex metal parts from 3D CAD data.

Direct Metal Printing or DMP

In the machine, a high precision laser is directed to metal powder particles to selectively build up thin horizontal metal layers one after the other. This cutting edge technology allows for the production of metal parts with challenging geometries, not possible using traditional subtractive or casting technologies. A variety of functional metals are available to print designs, from prototypes to production series of up to 20,000 units.

  • Production of small and extremely complex shapes with no need for tooling
  • High quality parts ideal for R&D and serial part manufacturing at the tightest tolerances
  • Industry's best surface finished parts with exceptional accuracy
  • Accommodate innovative part design versus conventional processes
  • Topology optimized parts and mass customization
  • Complex and thin-walled structures allow significant part weight reduction


  • Machine construction
  • Tool and die making
  • Food and pharmaceutics
  • Chemistry and petro chemistry
  • Aerospace engines
  • Automotive parts
  • Veterinary and medical devices
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Air/Oil/Fuel mixing devices
  • Customized sporting goods
  • Weight-reduction parts utilizing complex material removal
  • Industrial burner parts
  • Radiation collimators
  • Semicon and wafer handling equipment
  • Customized production line equipment

Direct metal printing is a form of 3D printing. This method is employed by almost all 3D printing companies. Being a fast-growing and innovative technology, direct metal printing has been the core reason for the predominance of a lot of 3D printing companies.
Just like fingerprints, every set of teeth is unique. 3D printing in dental applications is becoming more and more popular because of this technology has the advantage to rapidly produce custom designs.