MultiJet Printing – All the Details You Need to Know About this Technology

MultiJet Printing – All the Details You Need to Know About this Technology

MultiJet printing is a powerful 3D printing technology that ensures smooth and accurate prototypes and tooling. The best feature of MultiJet printing is it produces a microscopic layer resolution and accuracy of 0.1 m. it can also produce thin walls and complicated geometric shapes using various materials available with any technology. This is identical to an inkjet printing process that makes use of piezo printhead technology for depositing photocurable plastic resin and casting wax materials layer by layer. MultiJet printing is used for building parts, molds, and patterns with fine feature details to address different applications.

The high-resolution printers are extremely economical. They make use of separate dissolvable support material to ensure that the post-processing is very smooth. Another important feature of the MultiJet Printers is that removing support material is virtually a hands-free operation. It helps in cleaning the complex internal cavities without causing any damage. The MultiJet Printers offer highest Z-direction resolution that comes with a layer thickness which is as low as 16 microns. In addition to that, the selectable print modes allow the user in choosing the best combination of resolution and print speed. Thus, it is easy to find a combination that clears your requirements.

With the availability of MultiJet Printers, the prototype parts have a smooth finish and they can achieve accuracies rivaling SLA for a lot of applications. The recent material advances have improved the durability for plastic materials and they are now suitable for all sorts of end-use applications. A good feature about MultiJet Printing is the printers are office compatible, utilising standard office electricity for providing convenient and affordable access to high-quality prototypes and indirect manufacturing aids.

Office compatibility and the advanced feature of MultiJet Printing, make these printers an ideal choice for direct investment casting applications in dental, medical, jewelry and aerospace applications where the digital workflow provides significant time, quality, cost advantages, and labor. MultiJet printing services also offer a digital drop-in alternative to traditional lost-wax casting processes. This eliminates the ‘time-consuming’ factor and costly processes of traditional casting methods and materials. These printers can print virtually any geometry and offer scalable high-volume throughput.

The Advantages of MultiJet Printing Services

Now that we have provided the details on the features of MultiJet 3D printers, let us shine some light on the advantages of MultiJet 3D printing services.

  • One of the primary advantages of MultiJet printing services is it is capable of providing extremely smooth and precise parts with highly complicated geometric shapes at low printer cost.
  • The printers have extremely easy removal of support material that is perfect for preserving even the most sensitive part features.
  • The finished multi-jet printed parts can easily absorb paint and can be machined, chrome-plated and drilled. They can also be used for direct casting patterns.
  • There are no extra finishing treatments required.
  • The MultiJet printers ensure a near paint ready surface right out of the 3D printer with only minimal wet-sanding & polishing.
  • The rapid tooling feature of MultiJet printers allows in blending multiple simultaneously to implement a variety of properties and colors within the 3D printed models and parts.
  • The versatile materials utilised by this printing technology include rubber-like materials, clear and tinted translucent shades, specialized photopolymers and simulated polypropylene for medical and dental industries.