3D printing applications – starting from education to medicine

3D printing applications – starting from education to medicine

Well, it cannot be denied that 3D printing has been one of the most popular advancement in technology. In the recent years, this technology has seen a surge in popularity. The beauty of 3D printing is that it is very simple and it can be applied to a wide array of industries. This has lowered the barrier for almost anyone and everyone creating a design. 3D printing applications has opened up a lot of opportunities to streamline the designing processes that are already in place. In this article, we are going to sort out some of the fields where 3D printing applications has impeccable effects.

3D printing applications - The top 5 sectors


Education is one of the most important sectors where 3D printing applications have utmost importance. More and more schools these days are bringing in 3D printing into their curriculum because it will help the kids prepare in a better way for their future. Equipped with CNC machines and advanced printers the schools are eager to provide the best technological education for their students. The usage of these tools has become extremely common. Also, the 3D printers are seen in public libraries. Most of the schools and universities these days have atleast one 3D printer for the students.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

3D printing was originally developed as a faster method for prototyping. This is why it is not a surprise that it can be used in 2019 as well! One of the primary advantages of 3D printing applications is their versatility. They are perfect for small scale manufacturing. For instance, an injection-molded prototype might cost thousands of dollars and take weeks to create a single mold. This is not a feasible technique if a lot of iterations are required. With 3D printing technology, the process becomes a lot easier and cost-effective.


In the recent years there has been a lot of advancement in the pharmaceutical sector. Starting from bioprinting and surgery preparations to prosthetics everything can be done utilising 3D printing. Even though these fields are not explored and this exactly it will be interesting to see what comes up in future. Measured prosthetics can be modeled and then 3D printed at a low price. Initially, people had to wait for a really long time to get prosthetics done. With the development of 3D printing applications, anyone can get prosthetics done within just a few months. The third world countries, where prosthetics was not even an option previously, can take advantage of 3D printed ones.


Another important sector where 3D printing applications are being used is the construction sector. Concrete 3D printing has been in development for a really long time. It is a fast and cheap way to create build buildings. With the use of large-scale 3D printers, it has become possible to print in concrete, pour foundations and build walls onsite.


This is such an industrial sector where the 3D printing fashion has become extremely popular. If you are looking for a unique look, then the best option is to choose 3D printing jewelry. With the development of 3D printers, it has become possible for the jewelry makers to experiment with designs that are not possible while creating the traditional jewelry designs. Apart from that, 3D printers help in creating cheap jewelry designs.