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How does it work?

With a Computed Aided Design (CAD), you can create a product in a virtual environment before it is manufactured. CAD design is used in various industries, including manufacturing, architecture, construction, automotive, and engineering, to help understand how a product will look and function before being built.


A CAD design allows you to make incremental changes anytime by starting from the same file. Save time and money on your project by optimising the product design before manufacturing and testing.

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CAD has numerous benefits and has revolutionized the design process. It has enabled greater precision, faster design iterations, improved collaboration, and reduced manufacturing costs. Here are some benefits of Computer Aided Design services:
  • Cost-saving on design;
  • Time-saving with an efficient workflow;
  • High-resolution drawings;
  • Easy to collaborate with digital files;
  • Ability to integrate additional information (measurements, angles, scale).

CAD for 3D Success

At Global3D, we understand the importance of CAD in the 3D printing process, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best software and services to make their projects a success. Whether that’s the creation of a complex and detailed design, an innovative product that requires performance testing, or a mechanical component needing precise control of tolerances, CAD allows for easy creation and editing.

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